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An On-Course Program Proven to Improve Your Golf Game

Learn It

Watching the DVD – teaches you the 6 minute warm-up exercise and 25 on-course exercises in detail.

Do It

With the Booklet while you play.

Love It!

Your Body and your Golf Game will thank you!


6 Minute, 10 Exercise Systematic Warm Up

  • Gets the body's core temperature up.
  • Opens up and stretches the hips.
  • Warms up and stretches the hamstrings and lower back.
  • Opens up and stretches the chest.
  • Warms up and stretches the entire shoulder complex and rotator cuff muscles.
  • Warms up and prepares the spine and obliques for the rotation of the golf swing.
  • Prepares your entire body for a great golf game.

15 Additional On-Course Movements

  • Increase Your Flexibility
  • Keep your lower back loose
  • Complete body stretches from your neck muscles to your calves.

golfball.pngThe Passion

"I have loved changing lives through fitness for over 18 years..."

The Need

When my clients would find out I was an avid golfer, they would say, "JayDee, what can we do in the gym to improve our golf game?"

The Breakthrough

For years I tried everything, mostly involving strength training. After working directly with pros and top amateurs, it hit me that the one aspect of fitness that ALL good golfers have is flexibility and full range of motion.

The Development

I was fortunate enough to be a fitness instructor at a world famous fitness spa - Rancho La Puerto in Mexico. Here, I was introduced to the disciplines of Pilates, yoga, advanced stretching techniques, Tai chi, and meditation. I have used this valuable experience to develop CoreGolf Fitness.

The warm-up and the on-course movements are great!  My body felt ‘in the groove’ from the first tee instead of around the six hole when my round is a third over! 

Tony S., San Francisco

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