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An On-Course Program Proven to Improve Your Golf Game

CoreGolf Fitness

What is the most important piece of equipment of all? YOUR BODY! Guess what two components of fitness that ALL good golfers, men and women, have in common:

Flexibility / Range of Motion

A Strong, Functional Core

For $34.95, about half the price of ONE golf lesson, I'll teach you an effective and efficient warm-up and a series of movements that will improve your swing without touching your mechanics. These are the techniques that you will do the rest of your golfing days! Read below for more detailed benefits!


Top 10 Reasons To Purchase This DVD:

#1 - You'll learn key exercises with the DVD at home - but you'll do them with the booklet on the course.

For Your Golf Game

#2 - Greater Distance

#3 - Improved Consistency

#4 - Better Accuracy

#5 - Smoother Rhythm and  Timing

For Your Body

#6 - Stronger Core

#7 - More Flexibility

#8 - Reduced Back Fatigue

#9 - Improved Posture

#10 - Better Balance

6 Minute Effective & Efficient Warm-Up
25 Total On-Course Exercises

Core Golf Fitness Book And DVD

cc-zg-covers-001.jpgJayDee has a special knack for making golf fitness fun. He can help you make the all-important mind-body connection that lets you play your best golf all the time.

One of Golf Digest's Top 10 Mental Game Experts in the World
PGA Tour and LPGA Coach of World #1 Cristie Kerr

Dr. Joe Parent, Author of the Best-Selling ZEN GOLF, Mastering the Mental Game.

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